Greetings from CEO of ESTsecurity

Greetings, I am CEO of ESTsecurity,
Sangwon Chung.

ESTsecurity has become independent as a subsidiary of ESTsoft in January with the goal of becoming a world-class intelligent all-in-one security provider.
ESTsecurity has been leading endpoint security industry for the past 10 years through “ALYac Internet Security” which has the largest number of users in Korea, and has been protecting 5 million users’ smartphones through “Dr.Capsule”.
Now, not only PCs but all the devices around us are connected to each other and make life easier. But because of that information of individuals, corporations, and public organizations is exposed to risks and attacker’s strategy to exploit vulnerabilities is becoming more sophisticated.
In addition, more than one million malicious codes are created every day around the globe, which threatens our society in quantitative terms.
In order to cope with these qualitatively and quantitatively evolving malicious acts, a new technology paradigm needs to be applied, and ESTsecurity tries to defend against advanced malicious threats by developing intelligent integrated security technologies and services based on A.I technology.
ESTsecurity does not just focus on the domestic market. We will grow into a world-class intelligent integrated security company that can compete with leading security companies in the global market including Asia, Europe and the United States.
We will do our best to make a safer world with technology and services of ESTsecurity.
Thank you.
ESTsecurity CEO Sangwon Chung

Certification : Good Software / OPSWAT / ICSA / Virus Bulletin ...
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