We know cyber Threat Inside and out

Threat Inside investigates malware threat with multi-dimensional analysis which is
based on ESTsecurity's endpoint security expertise and A.I. technology.

Threat Inside provides essential intelligence for malware identification and response,
which makes it the most advanced choice for malware response solution.

Product Overview

We know cyber Threat Inside and out,
Threat Inside

Threat Inside is threat intelligence & analysis solution providing effective and precise threat intelligence, Deep Insight. It is based on the powerful in-house A.I. engine with Deep Learning algorithm learned by the real-time collected latest data. Threat Inside is operated with ESTsecurity's sophisticated malware analysis technology and intelligence. It is designed for identification of possible threat and proactive response.

Threat Inside's core power resides in the best Deep Learning algorithm in S.Korea's cybersecurity industry, developed with the purpose to precisely identify and classify malware threats. The existing cyber threat intelligence mainly consists of solutions providing anomaly behavior detection on network layer and signature-based prevention and response, and services sharing and analyzing collected samples from network layers and endpoint sensors.
Threat Inside is designed to focus on malware threat and its identification, from detecting and analyzing cyber threats to taking effective actions against them, with more than 10 years' endpoint security knowhow and advanced deep learning technology of ESTsecurity.


What is 'Deep Insight'?

Deep Insight is the 'intelligence report' of Threat Inside platform written and provided by the cyber security experts at ESTsecurity. Deep Insight provides detailed intelligence on malwares: It provides not only the malware classification result but its detailed features and purpose of attack so that a security manager could timely take actions against the threats with the help of practical response guide. Deep Insight is the core competence of Threat Inside, designed to complete Cyber Threat Intelligence beyond all existing solutions.

Product UI


3 core elements of Threat Inside

  • Deep Core

    Enhances A.I. performance by self-training of real-time detected malwares

    Minimizes false detection rate through double-checking process by the false-positive verification system

    Real-time response with the notably faster analysis than static/dynamic analysis

    Provides optimized services for security environment through close cooperation with S. Korean and international organizations and enterprises

    Deep Analysis

    Implements the full range of threat analysis on from the real machines to artificial intelligence

    Provides not only features and behaviors of the malware but also the intelligence of its related threats

    Provides level-based analysis information for corporate IT managers and malware analysis experts

    Deep Insight

    Classifies automatically the malware types through A.I. analysis of Deep Core

    Provides Deep Insight (intelligence report) containing from main features of the malware, manual analysis result, to the effective response guide

    Provides the basis information and detailed insights regarding APT attacks such as detected ransomwares

Expected Benefits

Threat Inside provides accurate result of malware analysis and classifications for you to take effective actions against newly detected or unknown cyber threats.

ti Expected Benefits


Threat Inside Specs


Threat Inside

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