Make world more secure, ESTsecurity
Mission(Makes the World Safer, ESTsecurity)->ESTsecurity<-Vision(Company that provides the best intelligent all-in-one security solution utilizing AI)

Why ESTsecurity

ESTsecurity is a leading company in cyber security providing intelligent security solutions to make world more secure.
Our legacy product ‘ALYac’ and Dr.Capsule is proven by the largest number of users(more than 16 million) in anti-virus solution. Through this endpoint security solution, we detect more than 190 million malware every year. These real users (sensors) and large-scale malware big data pool are the core resource for our threat analysis, endpoint protection and response solutions.

Over 10 years’ of expertise, we effectively respond to threats that are advanced through malicious code data and countermeasures accumulated, based on deep learning malware analysis and artificial intelligence technology. We will continue to develop and provide new and strong security solutions to secure your organization and business.

ESTsecurity Business Area

Endpoint Security

Anti-virus software & EDR solution



ALYac Patch Management

ALYac My PC Inspector


Data Security

Data loss/leakage prevention, Document centralization solution



Intelligence Security

Malware threat intelligence & analysis service

Threat Inside

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization solution for integrated PC management



Company Overview

  • Company Name

    ESTsecurity Corp.

  • Incorporated

    January 2, 2017

  • CEO

    Sangwon Chung

  • Contacts

    02-583-4616 / FAX 02-583-4628

  • Address

    ESTsecurity, Banpo-daero 3 (1464-30 Seocho-dong), Seocho-gu, Seoul

  • Business Area

    Security SW development & Service

Virus Bulletin/West Coast Labs/Korea Testing Laboratory/National Intelligence Service Korea/ICSA/OPSWAT
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Product & Service

End-Point Security

Android Security

Threat Intelligence