ESTsecurity Security Response Center

We provide concrete and effective response to the most advanced cyber attacks, especially those who target the Rep. of Korea.

Established in Jan 2017, ESRC is the cyber threat response center of ESTsecurity. Our experts and analysts at ESRC are continuously working on monitoring and analyzing viruses/malware, tracking IoC, and especially responding to the South Korea targeting cyber attacks in the reality where cyber war is happening and still increasing.

ESRC detects and analyses more than 15 million malware monthly, collected by ALYac antivirus program with over 16 million users in the country. In a close collaboration with National Intelligence Service and other S. Korean governmental organizations, ESRC plays a very important role in protecting national security information and core public information against the latest cyber attacks that are becoming increasingly targeted and more sophisticated. ESRC LAB ESRC issues monthly ‘Threat Intelligence Report’ providing the comprehensive threat analysis and combat guide that helps security managers and CSOs quickly and adequately respond to any unknown and new variant attacks.

Certification : Good Software / OPSWAT / ICSA / Virus Bulletin ...
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