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Mobile Security Upgrade

Secure your smartphone more conveniently and safely with a single app.

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Product Overview

Mobile Security Upgrade
ALYac Android

ALYac Android : Mobile Security Upgrade, ALYac Android, Keep safe from Virus Threats, Use Wi-Fi safely with ALYac Security Level, Smart and safe management of app installations, Speed up your phone with memory optimization, Powerful real-time detection with cloud scanning, Prevent damage with real-time Smishing detection, Increase free space by cleaning unnecessary files

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Main Features

Make Android Safer and More Comfortable

ウィルス脅威からいつも安全に, 強力なクラウド検査で優れた探知力
  • Keep safe from virus threats

    As smartphones become more popular, mobile malwares and viruses are exploding as well as new malwares are constantly appearing

    Check new malwares in real-time through ALYac Cloud Scan

    Available to response rapidly to the new malwares, as well as advanced scan, clean

    Smishing Monitoring that blocks smishing threats in advance

    Intelligent SMS messages containing life-related keywords can trick users to click included URLs without any doubt, resulting in critical damage such as personal information hijacking and micropayments.

    Effective blocking and management of Smishing through the latest Smishing detection DB and Smishing analysis function of ALYac

    Save storage space by removing unnecessary files

    As unneccesary files such as temporary files, cache files, etc. are piled up during smartphone use, causing lack of storage space.

    Need to explore and remove the folders that contain temporary files and caches manually

    The 'File Cleaning' function removes temporary files, caches and unnecessary files remaining even after deleting apps.

    Available to save storage space and speed up the smartphone, and protect personal information by deleting internet history.

  • Use power of smartphone efficiently through battery management

    Battery life is reducing due to continuous charge and discharge

    Due to frequent app installs and running too many apps in the background, battery is draining even when the user is not using the smartphone.

    The 'Battery Management' function allows you to manage the battery efficiently to use it longer, by situational management such as when you're not using your smartphone, when you're sleeping, etc.

    Make lagging smartphones faster

    If a user installs too many apps or run multiple apps at the same time, it will overload memory and CPU capability of the smartphone, the phone will slow down.

    Many apps are running in the background without user's knowledge, therefore free space of memory and CPU is less than expected.

    The 'Memory Optimization' function allows you to find and terminate apps that are not in use but are still running in the background.

    Ability to check memory and CPU usage by app

    Protect your eyes and privacy with 'Screen Cover'

    Hide some part of smartphone during its use, or adjust color tone or brightness of the screen to protect your eyes(anti-glare) at night.

    The 'Secret Mode' protects your privacy by hiding the screen.

    The 'Eye Protection Mode' reduces your eye fatigue


ALYac Android Specs

  • OS

    Android OS : 2.3 or above

ALYac Android

Virus Bulletin/West Coast Labs/Korea Testing Laboratory/National Intelligence Service Korea/ICSA/OPSWAT
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