A Smart Dose for Android Security

Powerful antivirus and total protection functions
keep your smartphone always safe and protected.

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Product Overview

Easy, Light, and Smartly Impeccable

Dr.Capsule : Mobile Security Upgrade, Dr.Capsule, Keep safe from Virus Threats, Use Wi-Fi safely with ALYac Security Level, Smart and safe management of app installations, Speed up your phone with memory optimization, Powerful real-time detection with cloud scanning, Prevent damage with real-time Smishing detection, Increase free space by cleaning unnecessary files

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Main Features

Antivirus Specialist

ウィルス脅威からいつも安全に, 強力なクラウド検査で優れた探知力
  • Keep your Android phone always safe with scan features

    Cloud scan guarantees fast response to any new and variant malwares.

    Real-time monitoring promises impeccable security.

    Prevent personal information leakage

    Privacy cleaning empties browser history, search history and clipboard record to prevent information leaking risk.

    Privacy cover smartly protects your personal data (payment information, messenger talks,etc.) from peeping by the surrounding people.

    Block malicious SMS or unwanted Calls

    Dr.Capsule immediately detects and notifies any malicious SMS containing threats such as link to malicious app installation.

    Users can easily block unwanted calls by simply registering particular caller's numbers.

  • Get more space by cleaning unnecessary files.

    Dr.Capsule eliminates cache and log files, unnecessary apk and empty folders to give the smartphone more space.

    Messenger cleaner empties cache files and thumbnails piled up in your smartphone while you exchange photos and videos with your friends via messenger.

    Upgrade your smartphone's performance by memory optimizing.

    Phone booster closes selected apps on activation to optimize your phone's memory condition.

    If users set Auto boosting function on, the phone's memory will be automatically optimized during the time when phone screen is off.

    Manage the battery life more easily.

    With Battery saver, users can manage their phones more efficiently and have longer battery life.

    Users can turn on Optimized mode - Hyper charger, Sleep mode and Power saver - for their circumstances of use.


Dr.Capsule Specs

  • OS

    Android OS : 4.4 or above


Certification : Good Software / OPSWAT / ICSA / Virus Bulletin ...
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