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ESTsecurity (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) strives to protect users’ personal information and complies with the relevant laws such as the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization, Etc. and the Personal Information Protection Act. The Company discloses this Privacy Policy pursuant to the relevant laws so that users can easily check how the Company handles their personal information.

1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

The Company collects and uses personal information to provide products and services, to identify and authenticate persons for membership-based services, to prevent the illegal use of services, to check persons under 14 years of age, to secure contact for customer support, to process complaints, to analyze members’ use of services statistically, to provide advertising information, and to provide services specific to statistical characteristics.

2. Types of personal information collected

The information used for customer inquiry and customer support includes the name, phone number, email, company name, and department name.

The information collected during signup for Threat Inside includes the name, email, password, ID, contact number, company name, and occupation.

The information that may be collected during service use includes the service use records, login logs, cookie, IP, unauthorized use records, customer inquiry records, and event participation records.

3. Method of collecting personal information

Personal information is collected during the homepage subscription, product use, service use, phone consultation, email consultation, product inquiry, and quotation inquiry.

4. Providing personal information to a third party


5. Retention and use period of personal information

The Company retains the information provided by users to use membership-based services from the time of enrollment to the time of membership withdrawal. If the membership service is not used for one year or the usage period expires, the user's personal information is immediately destroyed. If there is a need to preserve personal information according to the provisions in laws such as the Commercial Act, however, the Company retains such in accordance with the laws and regulation.

- Records concerning the contract or subscription withdrawal, etc.: 5 years

- Records concerning payment and supply of goods, etc.: 5 years

- Records concerning consumer complaints or dispute settlement: 3 years

6. Procedure and method for destroying personal information

The Company destroys personal information using the following method when the purpose of collecting and using it has been achieved:

<Procedure for destroying personal information>

The Company moves the customer's personal information to a separate DB after the purposes for collection and use have been satisfied and destroys it after retention for a specific period in accordance with the Company's internal policies and other relevant regulations regarding information protection.

<Method for destroying personal information>

The Company destroys the personal information printed on paper with a shredder.

The Company deletes the personal information saved in electronic file format using a technical method that does not allow regeneration.

7. Consigned work for personal information handling and consignee
Consignee Consigned work
ESTsoft - Inquiry on product use and customer consultation
- Marketing events and presentation of gifts
- HR work including hiring

8. Rights of the users and their legal representatives and exercise of rights

The user can withdraw his/her consent to the use of the provided personal information by requesting cancellation of the service. The Company performs the necessary action immediately when there is a request for withdrawal of consent, access, or modification and refrains from using the information until the information is corrected when there is a request for information modification in particular. The Company guarantees the legal rights (rights to read, correct, and delete the child's personal information and right to suspend processing of personal information) of the legal representatives of children below 14 years, and it may collect the minimum personal information of the legal representative from the child.

9. Installation and operation of programs that automatically collect personal information and rejection of such programs

The Company uses cookies to provide personalized services to users. As the data file sent by an HTTP server to the user’s browser and stored in the member’s hard disk in the computer, a cookie may contain information on the websites used by the user and personal information of the user. Members can choose to accept all cookies, receive a notification when a cookie is installed, or reject all cookies by adjusting the options of the Internet web browser.

10. Personal information manager and grievance department

Personal information manager: Yunkeun Kim, Security Response Center (070-8850-8354,

Personal information controller: Byungjoo Lim, Project Support Team (070-8850-8355,

ESTsecurity Customer Center : 1544–8209

If you have any question about your personal information, you can contact us through the contact information above anytime.

For other questions about reporting or consulting on privacy violation, please contact the following institutions:

1) Cyber Bureau, National Police Agency / 182 without an exchange number

2) Cybercrime Investigation Division, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office / 1301 without an exchange number

3) Privacy Infringement Report Center (operated by KISA) / 118 without an exchange number

4) Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (operated by KISA) / 118 without an exchange number

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