Manual DB Update

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If you have a limited internet connection or problems during DB update, you can manually download engine files and update DB.
* Manual DB update file is updated every week.

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How to Install

  • Q1When should I install the manual DB update?

    Please update ALYac with manual DB update file when ALYac is installed in the environment where it is difficult to use internet. If you don't have any internet problems, you don't need to install it because automatic DB update service will keep your DB files up to date.

  • Q2Is the update history the same as automatic DB update?

    Since manual DB update history is updated once a week, so it may be different from automatic DB update history. Also, there may be differences with the DB version displayed in the ALYac product information due to application time difference.

  • Q3Please tell me how to install it.
    Step 1Run the installation file and click 'Install' button.
    Step 2Wait for the installation process.
    Step 3Click 'Finish' to complete the update.
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